Welcome to my blog. I’m Roland Harris: living in Norfolk (UK), I make sound recordings and films, and do the odd bit of live sound mixing. After teenage years playing around with sound, lighting and cameras (as well as much healthier pursuits), I first got my hands on serious kit and met like-minded people at UCL in the mid-1980s, where Film Soc gave me a chance to become familiar with Nagra tape recorders, Arriflex 16mm cameras, studios, editing and, in the Bloomsbury Theatre, projecting 35mm films. I didn’t become Christopher Nolan (who cut his teeth at Film Soc too, just after my time there), though did make films with David Julyan, who went on to be the composer for several of Nolan’s feature films. Leaving UCL in 1987, the sort of filmmaking and sound-recording kit we had use of there wasn’t something available outside the professional world, but, after a long hiatus, the advent of affordable digital video cameras and digital sound-recorders rekindled my interest. This blog follows my modest adventures along the way.

Oh, and if you think you have a project that might suit me, then please do get in touch via the contact form.

PS The ‘Dr Badphil’ name? Well it’s something of a convoluted in-joke – a case of confusion on a band tour in France where post-nominal letters inexplicably became my name. You had to be there…